Liposculpture Prices and Other Cost Considerations

Liposculpture prices vary depending on the numbers of areas treated, the amount of fat expected to be removed, whether or not liposculpture has been performed on the body area previously and, of course, other various geographic-economic considerations. Generally, fees range from about $2000-$4000 per treated area.

Depending upon your credit history and score, it may be possible to obtain financing for your liposculpture cost. Unlike your car or home loan, this would take the form of an “unsecured” personal loan, meaning no collateral would be assigned to the loan and there would be nothing to repossess in the event of a default. As you can imagine, banks seek to mitigate their risk of providing cosmetic surgery financing by carefully evaluating applicants’ credit reports.

In general, someone with “good, established credit” will:

  • Be a citizen of the U.S. and a legal resident of the state where they apply;
  • Meet any age requirements for personal loans in their state;
  • Have two years of established credit, with NO deragatory credit entries (credit accounts in collection, tax liens or civil judgments, delinquencies);
  • Have a debt to income ratio, with the new loan, that will not exceed 50%;
  • Have total unsecured debt, including the loan amount requested, less than 50% of their gross annual income; and,
  • Have less than $15,000 in credit card debt.

There is a company – MyMedicalLoan – that can help you determine your eligibility for financing your liposculpture procedure. Before you begin, do a little research and attempt to determine how much you will need to borrow and have a “snapshot” of your credit picture in mind using the criteria listed above. When you apply, the finance company should disclose to you the interest rate, the monthly payment, any associated fees and your total payback amount on the loan.

There are also indirect costs you may need to consider, including travel expenses and care assistance if your doctor is not in your geographic area. Also, depending on your work situation (i.e., whether you have vacation days accrued and/or whether your job can be done from home for a period of time), you may need to budget for missed wages, as well.

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