Liposculpture for Men

Even though women received 91 percent of the cosmetic procedures performed in 2007, according to Dr. Foad Nahai, president of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of surgical and nonsurgical procedures performed on men that year represented a 17 percent increase over the prior year. Moreover, the 9 percent share attributed to men in 2007 equates to nearly 1.1 million cosmetic procedures.

Some popular body areas to reshape with male liposculpture are:

Neck – A “turkey waddle” can often be eliminated or diminished with a neck lipo contouring procedure. It is sometimes done in conjunction with a chin implant (genioplasty) which further enhances the improvement.

Chest – Often performed as a simple body contouring, it is also sometimes a more invasive male breast reduction surgical treatment for gynecomastia (enlarged, female-like breasts) using liposculpture and/or an excising of excess glandular tissue.

Abdomen – A tightening of the abdominal region can sometimes be achieved with abdominal etching, a relatively new male liposculpture enhancement designed to give patients “six-pack” muscle ripples or to at least dramatically improve their abdomen and waist contour. Cosmetic surgeons have reported using this technique to achieve results of an eight-inch reduction in a patient’s waist measurement.

Flanks – Male flanks are located just above the belt line on the sides and back, and these “love handles” often respond very positively to fat removal techniques. Because a patient must roll over during flank lipo to allow the surgeon access to the back, this procedure should only be performed under local anesthetic. Rolling patients under general anesthesia should be avoided as this movement can interfere with the breathing tube.

The popularity of calf, pectoral, bicep and tricep implants to produce a more muscular appearance is also on the rise, and doctors are now beginning to use new silicon gel implants for this reshaping, as well. Alternatively, a fat transfer performed in conjunction with a liposculpture procedure may also be used to increase volume in specific body areas.

Male skin is typically more collagen and elastin-dense than female skin, and because of this most men are naturally better suited to benefit from liposculpture than their female counterparts. This provides for improved post-operative skin retraction, even in older men. Just as it is for women, however, the ideal male liposculpture candidate is generally in good health and follows a proper diet and regular exercise program. Liposculpture is not considered a weight reduction technique.

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