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LiposculptureAuthority.com (“the Site”) curates the most useful information I found when considering cosmetic surgery, specifically investigating a liposculpture procedure. There’s a lot of information “out there” to wade through – both on the Internet and in printed materials – and I hope to save you some time by pulling together what I learned and presenting it here in an attractive and cohesive fashion.

The information provided on the Site is for general education purposes and is subject to change. The Site does not guarantee this information to be accurate nor represent that it is comprehensive. The Site is not responsible for any actions or results that occur from the use of this information.

Information provided on the Site should not be construed as medical advice or a medical recommendation. Further, it should not be considered a substitute for a physician’s consultation and/or a physical examination. The Site encourages you to discuss your individual needs, conditions and goals with a qualified physician.

If you, too, are considering a liposculpture procedure, I imagine you’re well aware that the inherent costs and risks warrant a thorough investigation. I’m not a doctor (nor do I attempt to portray one on the Internet), so I encourage you to read the information provided here, visit several surgeons’ websites, research the doctor(s) you want to consider for your procedure and then schedule in-person consultation(s) to discuss specific questions and concerns and to generally “get a feel” for the surgeon’s entire team.

KWS Media Group is a small group of friends who develop sites with specific, relevant information about topics we have experience with and/or find interesting. We do not make referrals, but please feel free to contact us at kwsmedia+liposculptureauthority[AT]gmail[DOT]com if there’s a question you’d like to see covered in a future post.

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